MyCarVault Storage Standards

If your car is not in a "car capsule" - fuel caps should
be taped with duct tape; or you may employ a locking
gas cap to prevent tampering.

To pick up your car generally requires a 24-hour notice,
except in special circumstances. If you are attending a
car show and will be returning late in the evening, let us
know and, if possible, we will meet you to let you in.

No repairs to your vehicle can be done within our facility
other than those necessary to start the vehicle are allowed

Any major fuel or oil leaks from a stored vehicle will require
immediate attention by the owner, or we will require you to
remove the vehicle for necessary repairs.

At the time of drop-off, we will perform a visual inspection and photograph
your vehicle. A copy of the owner's Driver Licence, Registration and
Insurance is required at this time. A visual inspection will be performed
(photos if required) each time your vehicle is brought in.

We prefer all vehicles to be parked by MyCarVault staff.
We require a spare set of keys. These keys will be placed in
our safe, to be used only in case of emergency.

Before You Store...

CHOOSE a safe, secure, indoor storage like MyCarVault.
We provide extra protection for your vehicle by providing the
Car Capsule for long-term (12 months+) storage customers.

CLEAN. Thoroughly clean the exterior, interior, engine,
and underbody. Dry completely inside and out. Treat
leather upholstery to a good conditioner. Wax and polish
exterior. Lubricate hood latches, hinges, door hinges.

CHECK. All fluids should be topped up and tires inflated
5-8 lbs above maximum pressure specified on side of tire.
to help prevent flat spots caused by prolonged storage.

BATTERY. Remove the negative battery cable to prevent the
battery from draining, or connect a battery tender to the
battery. Using a battery tender is a good practice and effective
and will keep your computer settings from being lost.

PROTECT. Verify that your vehicle is properly insured. Photo-
graph the car and keep comprehensive photos of your car
along with your insurance information.

REPLACE OIL. Moisture and acids in oil will pit bearings and
other engine parts while in storage. First, run the engine to
warm the oil. More of the dirty oil and contaminants will come
out if the oil is warmed.Then, add oil type recommended by
the car's manufacturer.

STABILIZE FUEL. Fuel can deteriorate in as little as 60 days
causing gum and varnish build-up in engines resulting in hard
starting, poor performance and reduced engine life. Add
STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer to fuel to prevent deterioration. Next,
fill the tank. A full tank prevents water condensation from
forming and causing corrosion. (Draining fuel does not
prevent varnish formation in engines. A small amount of fuel
is always left behind in the engines and gaskets can dry out
resulting eventually in leaks. Run the engine for a few minutes
to distribute treated gas through the system. Running the
engine will also distribute fresh oil to internal parts. If you use
your car infrequently, stabilize your fuel at each fill-up.

RADIATOR FLUID. If it is near time to change your radiator
fluid, do it prior to storage. Radiator fluid contains additives
that prevent corrosion to internal radiator components. These
additives wear out and must be replaced to remain effective.

TRANSMISSION FLUID. Check transmission fluid level. If it's
time to change transmission fluid, do so before storage.
Transmission fluid contains anti-corrosion additives that
deplete over time.

While in storage, engine oil drains away leaving internal engine
surfaces exposed. This results in corrosion and metal-to-
metal contact (cylinder scuffing) at start-up after storage.
Spray STA-BIL Fogging Oil into the air intake with the engine
running until the engine stalls, This will penetrate deep into the
engine, coating parts with an anti-corrosive
compound that also lubricates the piston at post-storage
start-up and prevents cylinder scuffing.

PARKING BRAKE. Do not apply the parking brake during
storage because it could become fused to the brake drum by
rust. For manual transmissions, leave the gear in neutral. Use
car stands or wheel chocks to keep car from rolling.

ENJOY. MyCarVault provides easy access so you may
enjoy using your special car as often as you wish.

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